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New Portal for Kosovo Judicial Council Communications

The Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) is now equipped with a new and up-to-date website, part of the continued efforts of the KJC to increase public information and facilitate access to the court system.á The redesigned website for the KJC is the first re-design of the website since the establishment of the KJC as the main decision-making institution for the country’s judiciary.

USAID Justice Support Program has provided its financial support to develop this project and has cooperated closely with the KJC IT staff and the Rrota Firm in redesigning the website and restructuring its content.

The main goal of this project is to provide the necessary information for the public through an accessible webpage which court users can use easily. This redesigned webpage will help the KJC to increase the transparency of their operations and will provide the public with important information about judicial regulations and procedures.áá

In addition to the KJC website, ten new websites for Kosovo Model Courts were published with USAID support and are now an important tool for court users to be informed about details of court operations.

Visitors can view the new KJC website through the following link: