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Mitrovica Courts Visit the Skenderaj Model Courts

On February 14 and 15, the employees of the District and Municipal Courts of Mitrovica visited the Municipal Court of Skenderaj. This visit took place following the communication skills training delivered to the employees of Mitrovica courts as an exchange of experiences between courts in the context of the Model Courts Program.

In the presence of the Mitrovica District Court President, Mr. Xhevdet Abazi, the Mitrovica Municipal Court President, Mr. Ramë Hyseni, the Mitrovica Minor Offence Court President, Mrs. Nurije Shala, and judges and administrators of these courts, the President of the Skenderaj Municipal Court, Mr. Isa Shala delivered a brief welcome to the visitors in the renovated courtroom. He shared, among others, information regarding the selection of this court as a Model Court, the renovation of the courthouse under this project, and the new procedures under implementation in this court in full compliance with the Manual on Court Management and Standard Operating Procedures adopted by the Kosovo Judicial Council in April of last year.

After the President, Mitrovica District Court President, Mr. Xhevdet Abazi, addressed the participants. He thanks Court President Shala for his hospitality and readiness to share with them best practices in court management.

The visitors then had the opportunity to witness in practice the implementation of the Manual, starting with the receipt of documents with the automated stamp, the management and maintenance of cases in the new case file folders, and the control of case flow through index cards. All information was shared by the Chief Clerk, Mr. Halit Ngucati, and other clerks and employees of the court.

The leaders of the three Mitrovica courts were thankful for the organization of the visit and the welcome they received from their hosts. They noted that they benefited from this visit and hope to have more bilateral exchanges in the spirit of this visit in the future. The Deputy Chief of the USAID Justice Support Program, Violaine Autheman, commented that with this visit the Model Courts Program launches a series of court partnerships that will promote court administration reforms and facilitate the implementation of the Manual.

The Model Courts Program is a three year program for the reform of the judicial system in Kosovo. The Model Courts Program is supported by the USAID Justice Support Program, implemented by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC).

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