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Commercial Court Unveils Mission Statement

On November 5th, 2008, the Commercial Court in Pristina unveiled its mission statement in all public areas and offices of the court.

“Our mission is the rule of law and guaranteeing access to justice for all entities and individuals to contribute to the economic development of and investment in Kosovo and to serve the public.”

Since the beginning of the Model Courts Program in December 2007, KJSP has worked with Court Improvement Teams to articulate for staff and the public the mission of the judiciary. One of the means used was the development and publication of court mission statements. Many court employees and judges had little if any appreciation for the importance of their work and their accountability to the public in the performance of that work.á As a result, court staff was frequently unfocused, unaccountability and at times discourteous to the public. Moreover, the public is not always sure of why the court exists.á Courts were not “customer” focused nor were they able to articulate mission and purpose to the community. Thus, the development of mission statements provoked significant discussion on the purpose and goals of each court, and helped remind staff and judges of the importance of their function and their accountability to the public.á Mission statements are now publicly displayed in the model courts.