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Domestic Violence Roundtable

On 25 March 2010, KJSP sponsored a roundtable on domestic violence – increasing access to justice for minority communities.á Joined by over 50 guests and participants from 25 national and international organizations, for the first time all major actors providing legal and social services were convened to identify and resolve access to justice issues facing victims of domestic violence.

The gathering of such a diverse group of experts presented a unique opportunity to share critical information and to increase coordination in order to strengthen and improve justice sector services.á The municipality of Gracanica was the focal point for the discussion due to its diversity and multi cultural communities of Albanian, Serbian and other minorities.á

Presentations were made by representatives of institutions and organizations including Gracanica police domestic violence unit; Judges Association; Prosecutor’s Association; Kosovo Lawyers Association; Legal Aid Commission; Victim’s Advocacy Division (MOJ);á Court Liaison Office; and Center for Social Department Welfare.

The roundtable concluded with agreed upon proposals for joint activities which included establishment of formal coordination mechanisms, joint public awareness campaigns and training for legal services providers on the new domestic violence legislation and related criminal and civil procedures.