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USAID’s Legal Profession Program

Since 2001, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has worked to support the development of the judicial system in Kosovo. In cooperation with local government counterparts and international stakeholders, USAID has worked to facilitate the establishment of an independent and impartial judiciary; to improve court operations; to strengthen professional ethics; to support minority participation; and to increase public awareness of the judicial system.

Kosovo Legal Profession (KLP) Program is a three-year cooperative agreement with USAID in Kosovo. The program will work with university law faculties to enhance clinical legal education, and with the Chamber of Advocates' to strengthen continuing legal education programs and membership services.á

áNCSC is partnering with New Perimeter, a wholly integrated non-profit affiliate of global law firm DLA Piper, whose mission is to provide pro-bono legal support for projects of global concern. In cooperation with USAID, NCSC and New Perimeter are working to advance the quality of legal education and foster the increasing specialization of the legal profession in Kosovo. NCSC has worked with DLA Piper and New Perimeter in Kosovo since 2005, beginning with the creation of the judicial branch of government and the Judicial Council charged to administer an independent and accountable judicial system.

NCSC and New Perimeter welcome the opportunity to continue cooperation with USAID in support of the development of an equitable and transparent justice system in Kosovo.