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NCSC/ KLP, KCA Gender and Minority Committee and the University of Pristina Office of Clinical Studies share practical experience about civil law with law students

On May 16, 2013, NCSC/ KLP and KCA Gender and Minority Committee organized a training with students of the University of Prishtinë/Priština Faculty of Law (UPFL) on: “Representation of the Parties in Civil Procedure”. The training was organized in the UPFL courtroom and coordinated with the KCA Gender and Minority Committee, UPFL Career Development Center and the Office of Clinical Studies. The training was delivered and moderated by KCA lawyer Nexharie Hoti.á As detailed in the KCA Gender and Minority Committee work plan the aim of the training was to reach out to law students in order to assist them in increasing their level of understanding of practical skills in Civil Cases. One of the participants said that this training complements the theoretical training they already receive in the Law Faculty.á